Monday, April 11, 2016

Wow .. been zillion years i didn't update this blog ... time really flies .. when you have kids ...
Don't seem to have time for myself anymore .... Family comes first right ...
Will try to update back this blog .. from time to time ....

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Running in clutch and cosmetic touch up

Driving my car almost daily now... To run in the clutch for 1000km...  Almost done running in.... It was great to drive back the car.. Just the fc a bit high now...  In the meantime..  I sent the car to wrap the roof and bonnet because the old pain is peeling off and I don't plan to spray the car yet...  The roof is wrap using black matte and the bonnet carbon fibre. The roof cost me rm160 the bonnet rm 180. I also tinted the rear headlamp, it was not too dark... Cost me rm150... Just nice... And managed to cover some scratches from the aged taillight.  Next upgrade? Hmm can't wait to get new headlights and maybe mod it to ccfl light if I've got the budget. 

Wish list

In case santa Claus is watching my Blog these are my wish list for my car in no particular order :-

Adaptronic select standalone ecu for the traction control function
New headlights converted to ccfl with angel and devil eyes
Custom strut bar for the whole car
Lsd gearbox
Rewrap the whole car interior with leather
Minor soundproofing at for the door panel
Window tinting

Hmmm not much right?  I'm not that greedy after all...  Lol
Performance wise I'm satisfied so more on cosmetics now...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Red Line Mt 90

I've busted a few gearbox before this...  So far on this gearbox coupled with red line mt90 gear oil it seems to be holding pretty good.. So I'm gonna stick with this oil for now... 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

3scamry clutch

My car has been out of action for quite some time...  Due to the clutch..  It slips at hill and unable to change gear fast.... Finally renewed the road tax and ask my mechanic to dismantle the clutch.  I can't find any aftermarket clutch for my car locally.. So as usual it will be sent to BR clutch at ipoh...  Here's my clutch waiting to be packed and shipped..

Br Clutch

My clutch has been refurbished...  Now awaiting installation... My wet nitrous kit will be installed also...  Can't wait to get back my car and start running in the clutch.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Laughing gas

It's official..  Just got this...  Can't wait to install this...